At Least 9,000 Employees Sick as COVID-19 Overwhelms Arkansas Workplaces

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  • The Arkansas state health department has published reports of more than 9,000 employees who have suffered COVID-19 symptoms while still working on-site in the last one year. Workplace COVID-19 illnesses were the main indicator of the pandemic's severity in the state. Medical experts in the state said that COVID-19 grew exponentially since October, overwhelming workplaces and spreading rapidly through the community.
  • Poultry giant Tyson Foods Inc., the third largest employer in the state, reported 2,866 sick workers - nearly one-third of the state's total sickened workers - between 19 May, 2021 to 8 April, 2021. 17 of the company's 21 major locations in Arkansas have appeared in the state's reports for companies with signifincant cases of COVID-19
  • The 9,065 reports of workers with COVID-19 are about 3% of the total (334,998) reported cases in Arkansas during that period