Finance Professionals Most Likely to Experience Mental Health Problems Amid the Pandemic

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  • The coronavirus crisis has dealt a huge blow to our health and wellbeing this past one year, and has exposed the strong need for wellbeing support in the workplace. A recent survey has shown that the burden may not be equal across workers; finance professionals may see the worst decline in their mental wellbeing going forward
  • According to the survey by Westfield Health, 17% of workers at financial services firms are struggling to adopt to the changes the pandemic has triggered and 23% of workers are getting anxious about work
  • According to the survey, financial services were most likely to see their mental health impacted negatively by the pandemic. More than 52% said their mental health had worsened in the last year, followed by manufacturing (48%), professional services (47%), and construction (46%).
  • “This data provides boardrooms with a powerful argument for investing time to getting wellbeing right as a core, strategic element to strengthen a company. Happier workers, better retention rates, and higher productivity are outcomes that all businesses want, and wellbeing is crucial to achieving that,” said Dave Capper, CEO of Westfield Health