New Normal: ALKOS Health Revolutiionizing Physiotherapy [VIDEO]

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  • ALKOS Health is joining the massive digital transformation of healthcare. The health app allows users to access personalized data from the comfort of their home, without paying huge fees for it. ALKOS Health provides users with a kit containing sensors and a tablet, which helps users track basic physiological movements with minimal stress. The data is sent in a closed-loop system to offsite coaches who then provide feedback unique to the user's needs.
  • “We send patients a kit in the mail with a tablet and anywhere between two to five wearable sensors. While the patients are exercising, our offsite health coaches are provided with performance-based outcome measures.” Patrick explained, adding, “We look for asymmetries, compensatory movements, and joint range of motion by way of example, so we can prescribe the appropriate exercise pathway and progress a patient’s program accordingly. What sets us apart is our ability to capture clinically relevant movement data and optimize patient results,” said ALKOS founder and CEO, Patrick Pakan