Returning to the Workplace: What Employers Should Be Thinking About

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  • The pandemic closed the doors to our offices and pushed business owners to take drastic decisions to keep business afloat. Now, with widespread vaccine rollouts leading to a decline in cases across the country, employers are considering asking their workers to resume on-site work. But employers need to keep certain things in mind as failure to safeguard the health and safety of workers amid the pandemic could make or mar your company success
  • First, prioritize employee health and safety like never before. Employees are now more health-conscious than any other time in their careers. Furthermore, the anxiety and fear of contracting the virus is still palpable. Therefore, employers need to pivot workplace wellness and health strategies to address their employees' health challenges, and also make the workplace environment safe to work
  • Second, not everyone has to return to work the same time. Greater focus should be placed on workers whose jobs are best done on-site. The rest of the workforce can continue to work from home to minimize potential exposure to COVID-19