Supporting Employee Wellbeing in the New Normal of Remote Work

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  • The coronavirus pandemic has upended the corporate world, prompting business leaders to change work models to adjust to the 'new normal.' One such change is adopting remote work for a large number of employees. However, while people who work from home may not have as much fear of contagion, they may be overwhelmed by the stress that comes from remote work. Such employees may have to grapple with maintaining work-life balance amid home-related activities. Working from home may blur the boundaries between work and family responsibilities, as employees struggle with more household chores and caregiving duties, including home-schooling and childcare. This hassle puts additional strain on workers’ wellbeing and productivity.
  • Therefore, employers have to leverage strategies to boost employee wellbeing and productivity for the remote workforce.
  • First, while working from home may give an employee some level of control over their work, it shuts them out from the rest of the team, and this could potentially stifle productivity, slow down workflow processes, and cause burnout. Open communication channels to ensure employees are looped in on company operations and activities , and maintain regular interactions with their colleagues. Further, employees should be adequately trained on work-from-home modalities and equipped with resources they'll need to complete their tasks efficiently
  • Rethink your wellness offerings now to meet the needs of remote workers. On-site wllness offerings may not be useful for your remote workforce. Leverage virtual offerings for this group of employees, providing them with access to virtual gym memberships, virtual meditation and yoga classes, and telehealth consulations
  • Finally, provide remote workers with access to mental health support. Some employees may be new to remote work, and may find it taxing and difficult maintaining a healthy balance. Provide them with mental health resources and access to the required help via your employee assistance programs