UK Employers Boost Mental Health Wellness Offerings as Workplace Mental Health Burden Rises

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  • The global pandemic caught the world by surprise. While experts had seen it coming, they never imagined a pandemic of this magnitude. The coronavirus pandemic has come with never-before-seen changes in how we do things, as we have had to deal with stay-at-home orders, social isolation, and the anxieties that come with catching and surviving the infection. Together with the huge loss of lives and livelihood that have occured in the last one year, these changes have pushed many beyond the limits of their mental wellbeing
  • Therefore, for employees in this "new normal," some things are now more important than others as far as workplace benefits are concerned. Employees are now looking up to their employers to provide enough support to help them cope with the pandemic stress, and UK employers are leading the pack
  • A recent report by Willis Towers Watson revealed that many UK employers are now shifting wellness focus to mental wellbeing following the global health crisis. According to the survey, 87 percent of employers now say they are concerned about the increase in mental health problems among staff and would implement strategies to deal with them
  • Learn more about strategies employers are adopting to improve mental wellbeing among staff