HEALTHCARE ЯEVOLUTION® is the metamorphosis of our industry.

Nothing is changing on its own – together we are the change. There is no industry event that brings together the decision-makers and the stakeholders required to make meaningful and impactful change.

Stakeholders are tired of the structure of conferences and events - they are tired of the same speakers, topics, and content that is truly not innovation.

HEALTHCARE ЯEVOLUTION® is a place where people come to advance and transform their business and their careers. It’s an event where people come to learn, network, share ideas, create meaning full friendships and long term business relationships. It is where delegates are open to fresh ideas and new ways of thinking. There is no other event that brings ALL the stakeholders into one entire ecosystem.

The HEALTHCARE ЯEVOLUTION® is the most comprehensive healthcare, medical travel, wellness, benefits, and insurance conference and trade shows in the industry. The event brings together players from across the US and the globe to collaborate and advance the industry.

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Global Healthcare Resources is a marketing consulting firm specializing in business development and marketing strategy and penetration services in the employer health care, benefits, well-being, and medical travel industries. We leverage thought leadership, educational training, and virtual and live events to connect buyers and providers of services together to scale business opportunities.In the last couple of years, we have focused on utilizing the connection between personal and professional motivation to build a business and launched three moonshots in key areas necessary for industry growth. Cost, Culture, and Care. Through these moonshots, we anticipate building a movement that inspires growth through the shared vision, mission, and values inextricably linked between employer and employees. For us, this means virtual and in-person opportunities for business and personal connection, training and certification programs developed through partnerships with key thought leaders across each moonshot mission, and leveraging our publication and podcast to drive thought leadership and demonstrable success with each moonshot. ​

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Renée-Marie Stephano

President and Co-founder

Renée-Marie Stephano is Chief Executive Officer of the world’s dominant authority in the business of health, Global Healthcare Resources, the managing organization of preeminent associations including but not limited to Medical Tourism Association and Corporate Health & Wellness Association. She is the Co-founder of HEALTHCARE REVOLUTION®, the industry-leading conference that gathers the most innovative healthcare executives from around the globe.

Ms. Stephano is an advocate for professional development as an integral component in changing the way we access and receive healthcare globally. She is passionate about connecting a global network of buyers with health providers that are transparent in quality and pricing and dedicated to international best practices for traveling health and wellness seekers.

As an author, she has penned several books including Developing International Patient Centers, Best Practices in Facilitation, Medical Tourism for Insurers and Employers, and Engaging Wellness: Corporate Wellness Programs that Work in addition to the Health and Wellness Destination Guide series. Renée-Marie encourages the growth of international partnerships and affiliations between providers, governments, and corporate buyers and envisions greater synchronicity between medical travel and health equity programs, strongly believing one can and should fund the other. She brings strategic solutions for the integration of medical and wellness travel, corporate wellness, and population health management strategies for destinations worldwide.

Jonathan Edelheit

CHAIRMAN and Co-founder

Jonathan Edelheit is Chairman & Co-founder of Global Healthcare Resources, the managing organization of preeminent associations including Corporate Health & Wellness Association, Medical Tourism Association, and Self Funding Employer Association, amongst others. As Co-founder of HEALTHCARE REVOLUTION®, the industry-leading event that brings together the most innovative healthcare professionals from around the world, he heads up one of the largest conferences in health. Prior to his role at the MTA and GHR, Mr. Edelheit ran one of the leading healthcare administrators in the US. Mr. Edelheit is a frequent resource for media in US health insurance and medical tourism and has been featured and mentioned hundreds of times in national and international news outlets.

Mr. Edelheit is at the center of a corporate network connecting over 2.6 million executives and professionals through his portfolio of companies, magazines, events, and expansive presence on LinkedIn Groups with over 1 million members.

Through his determined efforts and resolute conversations with C-Suite executives of Health Insurance Companies, Healthcare Program Providers, Employers, International Corporations, Brokers, and Governments in the US and abroad, Mr. Edelheit raises the bar on innovation and disruption strategies for businesses and consumers.


Corporate Wellness Magazine (CWM) is the industry’s leading source for content in the corporate well-being and wellness space. Established in 2010, the magazine has been circulated by print and digital means to C-Suite executives and HR professionals across the world, especially in the United States. CWM is the official publication of the Corporate Health & Wellness Association.


The Medical Tourism Magazine (MTM), known as the “voice” of the medical tourism industry, provides MTA members and key industry experts with the opportunity to share important developments, initiatives, themes, topics, and trends that make the medical tourism industry the booming market it is today. MTM is the official publication of the Medical Tourism Association.


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