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Benefits of joining and subscribing to the Healthcare Revolution

Join the most revolutionary and progressive community of self-funded employers, brokers, and consultants. The system is rigged against you and your clients; it is focused on stifling innovation and driving up costs. Innovative and progressive brokers and consultants are welcome to join the Healthcare Revolution and learn the secrets that will allow you to become a superhero for your clients and win business from other brokers and consultants. If you’re content with constant rate increases, weak engagement, rising costs, and the ‘status quo’, then Healthcare Revolution is not for you.

Access to broker and consultant resource groups and roundtables where you can gain valuable intelligence and insights from organizations like yours on mutual areas of interest.
Content that is centered on our 3 audacious moonshots and providing a path to achieving them.


Participation in and attendance of case studies, webinars, whitepapers, and more, brought to you by the leading self-funded organizations that are truly outliers.
Improve your client strategies and optimize everything you are doing. Learn the secrets of the most successful companies and become a superhero like them.
Learn how the best solution providers and point solutions that actually solve problems and align with your organization’s vision and mission.