Healthcare Revolution is Evolving

We are challenging the seemingly ever-present features of the employer healthcare and benefits industry that hamper innovation and transformation. Beyond these barriers lie improved employee health and well-being and drastically lower costs. By helping organizations remove these constraints and totally changing the way they think about and approach healthcare and benefits, we empower them to achieve results they only dreamed of. Do you want to hear how organizations just like yours have cut their total healthcare and benefits costs by 25%, not had a rate increase in 6 years, and increased well-being program engagement from 20% to 81%? Do you want to own and control your employee data for the first time and diagnose employees with chronic conditions in real-time instead of six months too late? Have you ever wondered why the current ecosystem doesn't allow you to immediately identify and engage employees with cancer, chronic conditions, or mental health conditions? Companies, just like yours, can intervene within days of when these conditions present themselves. This is what the Healthcare Revolution is. A community of employers, solution providers, professionals, stakeholders, government officials, and more that are committed to challenging arbitrary modi operandi in healthcare and benefits.

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