The Evolution of U.S. Medical Tourism Virtual Summit: Insights and Perspectives

November 7th | 10 AM - 1 PM EST

Join self funded employers, brokers, insurance companies, facilitators, travel agents, and several of the leading Korean Hospitals in a 3-hour virtual roundtable discussions via zoom. Learn how self-funded employers have implemented medical tourism and given their employees the opportunity to travel for complex medical care to high quality destinations where the savings can be 40% to 80% compare to the U.S. The pent-up demand for healthcare resulting from the pandemic's prolonged restrictions is currently driving medical travel. This summit takes a deep dive into what is driving Americans to travel for medical care, what is working in medical travel, and what challenges/obstacles need to be overcome to expand the utilization of medical travel. This summit will feature industry stakeholders and leaders sharing their experiences and insights into the future of American medical tourism. Learn how patient expectations and behavior patterns have changed post-COVID-19 and what strategies leaders need to adopt to adjust to this new reality.

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