The Evolution of U.S. Medical Tourism Virtual Summit: Insights and Perspectives

October 11 | 10 AM - 1 PM EST

Diverse Participation: Engage with a mix of self-funded employers, brokers, insurance companies, facilitators, travel agents, and representatives from some of the nation's top hospitals, all in a dynamic virtual setting.

In-depth Roundtables: Dive into focused 3-hour virtual roundtable discussions on Zoom, gaining insights and sharing your perspectives.

Real-world Implementations: Understand how employers and brokers have embraced medical tourism as a groundbreaking solution to sharply reduce costs on high-priced medical procedures and specialty drugs. Learn about their journeys - the strategies, challenges, objections, and notably, their significant victories.

Employee Engagement: Delve deep into the employee side of things - how they got introduced to medical tourism, their experiences, and how many turned from mere participants to ardent champions of the program. Discover the incentives and benefits that truly make a difference.

Future & AI: A special segment will illuminate the potential of AI in reshaping the healthcare decision-making landscape. Understand how artificial intelligence will engage and drive employer, employee, and plan member choices in the near future, and foresee its transformative impact on health decisions and medical travel preferences.

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