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Optimizing Costs, Elevating Programs, Achieving Superior Results

May 21st | 9:00 AM EST - 3PM EST


Virtual Event

Join us from your office or home office anywhere in the world for a virtual conference experience on March 24-25, 2022.


May 21, 2024







Learn What No One Else Will Teach You:

Cut healthcare and pharmaceutical costs by 50%

Have zero rate increases and actually a reduction in costs

Be able to lower deductibles, coinsurance and copays while reducing costs

Avoid choosing vendors and solutions that are solely focused on shareholder profits

1 Conference. 3 Moonshots.

Remember the mission to reach the moon? In 1962, President JFK set forth a vision. He initiated a movement that outlived him! Even in his death, the mission was accomplished seven years after his famous speech. Now we’re on a five-year mission, and it's not about us. This is a mission for you – the individual, the stakeholder, the employer healthcare and benefits professional. Join the mission to reduce costs, reimagine culture, and reinvent care.


Moonshot #1​

Reduce employer healthcare and benefits costs by 25% by 2025.​



Moonshot #2​

Reimagine engagement and well-being.



Moonshot #3

Provide 40% of healthcare services virtually and through technology by 2025.​


Past Speakers

Everyone in employer benefits and corporate innovation knows that Healthcare Revolution brings together the most interesting minds in business. We aim to create revolutionary conversations surrounding self-funding, global benefits, corporate wellness, healthcare innovation, mental / behavioral health, organizational resiliency, and more. Our speakers are pioneering a new path, and we want to share their stories with you.

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The Healthcare Revolution conference is a completely free event. Anyone interested can register for free to attend and participate in the conference.

15 Years of Conferences

More than 30,000 attendees have joined us for more than a decade of events organized by Global Healthcare Resources.
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“Out of 55 events
throughout the year, Healthcare Revolution was among the best. Sponsoring again was an easy decision.”

Alice E.

The 2021 Healthcare Revolution Conference was once again a huge success for both attendees and presenters alike. We should all be thankful that there are people and organizations who are passionate about health care from every perspective enabling all of us to enjoy progressively better lives for ourselves and our families. I especially appreciated the “Moonshot” approach and being able to focus on those issues of special importance to me and MarineMax. Keep up the good work and see you next year at the conference!

Dr. Ray Bowman

Senior Vice President for Talent and Team Development

Incredibly inspired to have been part of the Healthcare Revolution Conference! What a great forum to explore new possibilities (or moonshots!), including a new and innovative approach to reimagining culture, engagement, and wellbeing. I especially appreciated the focus on mental health issues—which have become so critical this past year—and recognition of the important role managers play as essential front-line support for employees. I’m looking forward to putting these new ideas into action and participating in future sessions!

Samanntha DuBridge

VP, Benefits, Culture, M&A and Mobility

This year’s Healthcare Revolution conference was an incredible event with topics that are of even greater importance given our existing environment. It was fantastic to have experts from all over the world speak on such engaging topics in a dynamic virtual setting. I loved that the subject matter revolved around the three Moonshots – Costs, Culture and Care. Few events have had the success and impact this conference had.

Rachel Sapoznik

Founder & President

Working with the Healthcare Revolution team was a wonderful experience. Their process allowed me as a practitioner to dig into a topic I have passion for that has real-world application for others in the HR space. That leads to a conference that provides value for attendees. Thank you for taking a different look at content generation, Healthcare Revolution team!

Terri Lewis

Chief Human Resources Officer

 I want to thank the GHR team for organizing the 13th Healthcare Revolution conference, specifically for bringing together some of the most innovative minds in the employer healthcare space and for introducing the 3 moonshots: costs, culture, and care. We at AKLOS Health are working hard to meaningfully contribute to these moonshots by offering employers and their members the first digital musculoskeletal solution that addresses the soft tissue component of chronic pain and the first to use wearable sensors in a way that ensures members have a truly personalized and safe experience on their road to recovery. We were encouraged to hear from many healthcare leaders during the conference just how focused the market is on reducing costs while improving outcomes, especially through the use of more digital solutions. I can’t wait to see all of the progress in the years ahead!

Patrick Pakan

Founder & CEO