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Healthcare Revolution (formerly the Employer Healthcare & Benefits Conference) is where executives and decision-makers from self-funded employers, well-being, healthcare, and benefits come to connect, innovate, and be inspired. Our 2021 event was our most successful to date, with over 2,500 participants, more than 100 speakers, and hundreds of networking meetings scheduled. This year, we're going even bigger. HREV22 will provide you with curated and personalized introductions and networking meetings before and after the event. These meetings comprise our innovative sponsors and the buyers (speakers and delegates) participating in HREV22. We can't wait to connect you with peers who are prepared to explore new partnerships and share your passion for achieving our moonshots.

Find Out How To Participate

How To Participate

There are two paths for solution providers to participate in our curated & personalized networking program.


Solution providers who are sponsors are automatically enrolled into the networking program.


Organizations that have signed up for Global Healthcare Accreditation (GHA) For Business will gain access to five complimentary networking meetings. GHA For Business is the gold standard in validating a company’s commitment to employee and customer health, safety, and well-being.


No Admission Fee!

Participate from your office with a mask...or home without one!

Join us for the 13th HEALTHCARE ЯEVOLUTION®

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