2023 Agenda

This year's groundbreaking conference will concentrate on showcasing the successful solutions and pioneering strategies implemented by self-funded employers to achieve a minimum of 25% reduction in their healthcare and well-being expenses. Simultaneously, these approaches have led to decreased deductibles, co-insurance, and out-of-pocket costs, while notably enhancing employee experience and satisfaction. Immerse yourself in this transformative event to discover how these innovative methods can revolutionize the way you manage healthcare and well-being for your workforce.

The session schedule is showing based on Eastern Time (EST).
*Please note that mugs are limited, so start referring ASAP! All 5 colleagues must register for the conference. Cartoons and mugs will be sent to qualifying attendees after the conference.

No Admission Fee!

Participate from your office with a mask...or home without one!

Join us for the 13th HEALTHCARE ЯEVOLUTION®