AKLOS Health

AKLOS Health is a digital musculoskeletal recovery solution that combines proprietary wearable sensor technology with clinically validated exercise programs, educational content, behavioral health coaching tools, and certified health coaches and licensed therapists all within a single platform.

AKLOS Health empowers employers to take control of overall MSK spend and their employees’ chronic pain by offering the first solution that truly personalizes exercise programs based on employees’ specific pain conditions. Founded in 2020, AKLOS Health incorporates evidence-based exercise principles and user-friendly technology to help employees avoid surgeries and expensive pain medications.

Reducing Musculoskeletal (“MSK”) Spend for Employers


Managing Chronic Conditions & Diseases in a Virtual World

Learn how to choose the right innovation we need to turn the corner and actually increase the engagement and have a greater impact on chronic conditions, diseases and costs than before.

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Reducing Musculoskeletal (“MSK”) Spend for Employers


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