Ashley Bacot

Director of Risk Management

Rosen Hotels & Resorts

Risk Manager


At Rosen Hotels & Resort

Ashley Bacot

The numbers say it all. Ashley and his team’s implementation of incentive programs at Rosen Hotel & Resorts® reduced the number of workers compensation claims by 67%. They reduced workers compensation experience modification to an all-time low of .71%, which is a highly-respected experience modification in the hotel industry. Additionally, Ashley led the development of safety programs that have reduced guest liability claims by 50%.

What Others Say:

"His dedication to the highest level of serving his clients’ needs and the long term relationships he has developed with his clients, insurance markets, and other agents makes him stand above the average agent. As a manager, he helps us believe in ourselves and to strive for excellence in what we do in our own work. Even though he stays very busy with all the different hats he wears, he takes the time to find out how things are going with all of us, including our home life. Ashley has the sparkle of being genuine and caring with everyone he meets."

"Ashley is one of the most, caring, tenacious, and cost conscious Risk Managers that I have known throughout my 40-year career as a security professional."


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