Charles Banks

AVP, Security Briefing Center Operations Manager

U.S. Bank Information Security Services

Charles Banks is a member of U.S. Bank’s Information Security Services, and as an Assistant-Vice President, manages Security Briefing Center Operations.  He is responsible for both the day-to-day operations of the bank’s state-of-the-art security facilities, and the information and cyber security awareness education delivered in these briefing centers. With a focus on internal and external constituent engagements that raise general user awareness of socially engineered and digitally delivered cyber threats, his team’s mission is to change, or prevent, behaviors that  result in digitally compromised, or lost data.

His team hosts both virtual and on-site events in the Cyber Security Fusion & Executive Briefing Centers for U.S. Bank’s internal business lines, and their external U.S. Bank clients. They also cultivate & coordinate proactive community outreach and cybersecurity education partnerships. In addition to a focus on educating local communities about digital threats, and responsible, security minded safe cyber practices, the Security Briefing Center Operations team is a STEM & STEAM education driver. With the creation and delivery of content to regional elementary education, high school, and secondary education students, the team’s goals are to develop the next generation of a diverse cyber security workforce, and to identify the bank as the employer of choice for careers in cyber security. Charles has been with U.S. Bank for 13 years with a background in training, training design, communications, and cyber security awareness. He joined the Cyber & Information Security team in 2015.

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