Dr. Matthew J. Ferber

Co-Director - Clinical Molecular Genetics Laboratory (CMGL)

Mayo Clinic

Dr. Matthew J. Ferber is a leader in the field of clinical genomics. As the director of Mayo's Clinical Genome Sequencing Laboratory in the Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathology, Dr. Ferber leads a team of co-directors and laboratory staff focused on developing genomic applications to improve patient care. Additionally, Dr. Ferber also serves as the director of the newly launched consumer genomics application, Mayo Clinic GeneGuideTM.

Dr. Ferber’s overall research goal is to create access to DNA sequencing technology that provides patients and their health care providers with a wealth of data to efficiently make well-informed, personalized decisions about treatments and other clinical options. He is currently working as researcher on a National Human Genome Research Institute funded project to expand access to databases for genotyping data.

An active member of the genomics and genetics community, Dr. Ferber is the Chair of the ClinGen Hereditary Colorectal Cancer Genetics working group (2013–Present),. Dr. Ferber received his PhD in Molecular Biology, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, and programs from Mayo Graduate School within the Mayo Clinic College of Medicine. Previously, he completed his Bachelor of Science in Biology, Minor in Chemistry at the University of Wisconsin at Eau Claire.


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