Greg Bellomy



Innovation in healthcare is Greg’s passion. Greg is currently the CEO of CareATC, a portfolio company of LLR Partners that is focused on managing total cost of care for large self-insured employers through its network of onsite and near/shared site primary care clinics. CareATC works with some of the largest and most innovative companies in America.  Mr. Bellomy has enjoyed tremendous success as a Division President of a company that was #2 on the INC 100 Fastest Growing Companies, Division Presidents of three publicly traded companies on the NYSE and NASDAQ and has led two Private Equity/Venture Capital backed companies as President and CEO. Greg has also served as a Senior Operating Advisor for LLR Partners healthcare services group. Most recently, Greg served as Chief Strategic Growth Officer for BAYADA Home Healthcare.

Speaker Questionnaire
What is the biggest thing you learned in 2020?

What do you feel are the two most important benefits or areas that need to be a top priority in 2021?

Advanced Primary Care and true Population Health.

Can you share a story on an area of your healthcare program or employee benefits where you were able to create significant savings or stop costs from rising?

Implementing our Collaborative Care Model. Addressing the total health needs of individuals, not just cohorts.

If you could automatically receive a 10-20% reduction in costs in three areas/programs, what would your dream list be?

Chronic condition management, appropriate use of specialty care, and medications

What is the most innovative program you will focus on in 2021 and/or 2022?

APC aggregating covered lives to leverage preferred pricing with select providers.

How are you re-imagining corporate culture & well-being?

Address the whole well-being.

What virtual care solutions did you roll out during the pandemic? How valuable were they and why?

Virtual Primary Care and MSK services. Necessary in light of the pandemic, ultimately more efficient and effective for many conditions.

If you look at our 3 Moonshots - Costs, Culture, and Care; In one sentence, tell us what would be something positive for us to take from 2020 and bring into this new year?

The acceptance of virtual care as an effective form of delivering more than acute care. Additionally, the advancement of value based care strategies with commercial payers.

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