Isaac A. Cruz

National Wellness Consultant

Insurance Office of America

A Florida native, Isaac Cruz serves as a National Wellness Consultant for Insurance Office of America. With 10 years of experience in the population health management world, Isaac is passionate about creating personal touchpoints with employers and employees and delivering effective results in wellness plan design, advocacy and engagement. Isaac focuses on better educating members about healthier lifestyles and helping to provide a platform to reach their health and wellness goals nationwide. With emphasis on understanding the social dynamics of a group’s population, Isaac can pinpoint best strategies in closing gaps of care and encouraging the adoption of healthier lifestyles and choices. On a lighter note, Isaac enjoys running the Seminole Trail in Central Florida and binging on documentaries.

Speaker Questionnaire
What is the biggest thing you learned in 2020?

Your house can be your oyster.

What do you feel are the two most important benefits or areas that need to be a top priority in 2021?

Mental health and a hybrid approach focusing on safety and wellness

Can you share a story on an area of your healthcare program or employee benefits where you were able to create significant savings or stop costs from rising?

Creating significant savings or illustrating savings in a wellness program is no easy feat and harder when it is not integrated into the health plans. One of the primary ways to create the bridge to significant savings is making sure preventive services are being utilized across all age bands and genders! I always focus on preventive services because (a) they're covered at 100% for employees, and (b) they create positive claims experience for the employer. The main reason to push preventive services is this: early detection! When a chronic condition or disease is detected early in its stages, it is less costly to treat versus being detected in the late stages.

If you could automatically receive a 10-20% reduction in costs in three areas/programs, what would your dream list be?

Reinvesting those savings into engagement strategics to boost employee morale and reshape workplace culture that removes the stigma that comes with mental health. Also, to really broaden a program that includes diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts.

What is the most innovative program you will focus on in 2021 and/or 2022?

Virtual wellness services with focus on mental health, engagement and social wellness.

How are you re-imagining corporate culture & well-being?

Really envisioning hybrid programs that are virtual, structured in a way that can be modified quickly and cost-effective. Virtual wellness is a must now as is the importance of recognizing that employees want to feel safe in the workplace. Just focusing on wellness isn't enough nor is it effective for the enterprise goals of a company.

What virtual care solutions did you roll out during the pandemic? How valuable were they and why?

Almost immediately, mental health counseling benefits such as employee assistance programs and mobile applications that could help sustain a wellness program have been crucial! Meeting where people were during the pandemic was key because it made sure that no one was isolated and that there was a social connection between everyone in the workplace.

If you look at our 3 Moonshots - Costs, Culture, and Care; In one sentence, tell us what would be something positive for us to take from 2020 and bring into this new year?

Always expected the unexpected, because no one knows that the new year holds for us, and we should not bother predicting it and enjoy the present.


1 Conference. 3 Moonshots.


Moonshot #1​

Reduce employer healthcare and benefits costs by 25% by 2025.​



Moonshot #2​

Reimagine engagement and well-being.



Moonshot #3

Provide 40% of healthcare services virtually and through technology by 2025.​


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