Jake Velie



Jake Velie has spent the last 18 years in the healthcare setting working with physician groups, health systems, universities, Carriers and TPA’s, large companies and even families all over the world.

Jake has served as Founder and CEO of several integrative medical clinics and led multiple other healthcare companies. Jake's clinics practiced family medicine, physical medicine, rehabilitation, lifestyle education and behavioral health, as well as fitness and personal training. Jake has worked with thousands of patients with his physicians and practitioners to develop clinical systems that employed functional/personalized medicine concepts, resulting in outcomes successful beyond conventional treatments alone. His clinics also served as an internship and experiential learning location for medical and pharmacy students.

Jake is currently the Co-Founder and CEO of Rx-Precision, a Health IT company that has developed a Clinical Genomics Solution that, through AI and clinical process automation, identifies genomic risk in any healthcare population and facilitates the process of a genomic intervention from beginning to end.
Jake also serves as Clinical Advisory Board Chairman of National Integrative Health (NIH) where he assists in development of clinical improvement strategies for employers, health systems and carriers across the U.S. NIH also serves clinical companies by engineering their service or product to be delivered in the commercial setting, work with different data sets and analytics to drive outcomes and measure VOI/ROI. Today, NIH works with companies specializing in Cardiology, Genomics, Behavioral Health, Health IoT, Medication Therapy Management and Diabetes Management


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