Creating a Comprehensive Well-Being Strategy for Your Organization

Engagement is at its lowest level in years.  Employees are performing below their potential because they aren’t engaged, and organizations don’t know what to do.  Imagine what that does to your organization’s bottom line. Business leaders are recognizing the growing costs and championing a healthy workplace because of its significant impact on achieving business results. The pandemic has made it crystal clear that companies need information about what employees really need and want, so they can make the right investments to engage a workforce that is more diverse and dynamic than ever before.  Learn how you can assess your current well-being culture and offer actionable tips and real-life examples so you can design a strategy to build a positive well-being culture. If you are looking to improve the employee experience and increase engagement, well-being, and ultimately performance in your organization, this session is for you.

Learn how you can assess your current well-being culture and offer actionable tips and real-life examples so you can design a strategy to build a positive well-being culture.

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Richard Safeer

Chief Medical Director, Employee Health and Well-being
Johns Hopkins Medicine

Kathleen Schulz

Global Innovation Leader, Organizational Wellbeing

Bernie C Knobbe

Head of Global Benefits, Well-being & Compensation

Shannon Arens

Wellbeing Consultant
Sequoia Consulting Group

Denise Kurtz, MHA SPHR

President & Owner
IEWC Insurance
May 17, 2021
11:00 am

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Moonshot #1​

Reduce employer healthcare and benefits costs by 25% by 2025.​



Moonshot #2​

Reimagine engagement and well-being.



Moonshot #3

Provide 40% of healthcare services virtually and through technology by 2025.​


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