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Data Analytics and Transparency – The Future of Healthcare and Benefits

Technology is revolutionizing how employers and employees can identify cost savings opportunities and allow everyone to make more intelligent and better decisions.  The Pandemic has accelerated adoption of technology, empowering employers and employees to use data in ways never before thought possible.  Learn how technology is transforming access, utilization, transparency, and costs.

Learn how technology is transforming access, utilization, transparency, and costs.


Grant Gordon

CEO & Co-founder
Artemis Health

AJ Loiacono

Capital Rx

Maria Scheeler

Executive Director
Teamsters Health & Welfare Fund and Pension Funds of Philadelphia and Vicinity

Scott Rabin

National Practice Leader, Data, Technology, and Analytics

Mark J Rieder

Head of Innovation
NFP Corporate Service
May 18, 2021
3:00 pm
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Might Be Interesting

Day 2
1:00 pm

[KEYNOTE] Improving Outcomes: A Path to Metabolic Disease Remission with Precision Nutrition

With COVID-19 shining a light on the inequality in healthcare, Employers must move to address this in their benefits programs; from increasing the effectiveness of their metabolic disease interventions to supporting vulnerable employees through better care. Precision nutrition which uses gut microbiome sequencing and machine learning to create individual Food Prescriptions™ meets employees where they are and takes into account cultural eating preferences. This innovation is changing the paradigm when it comes to engagement and outcomes for diabetes and metabolic disease care.

Day 2
10:00 am

[Q&A] An Interview with Peter Hames, Co-founder & CEO of Big Health

Tune in and hear how Big Health has helped many employers such as Amerigas, Hartford, Boston Medical Center, and others to create happier, more engaged, and productive employees through helping them sleep better and addressing mental health.

Day 2
9:10 am

[KEYNOTE] Wellness Lessons from Counter-Terrorism (Yes, Really)

Leveraging his expertise from years in counter-terrorism, Daniel will share insightful lessons and data on the importance of social support networks in influencing and changing behavior, the critical importance of who the messenger is, and then how those principles can be applied to wellness programs.

Day 3
1:00 pm

[KEYNOTE] Conscious Listening for Happiness, Effectiveness and Well-being

In this rich and transformational keynote, five-time TED speaker Julian Treasure reveals the secrets, and the benefits, of mastering conscious listening at work and at home.

Day 1
9:10 am

[KEYNOTE] The Three M’s of EX: An Employee Experience Strategy That Delivers a Healthy Culture and Improved Performance

Culture expert and EX strategist Shane Green will provide insights into understanding the dynamics of culture, how to build the right employee strategy for your organization, and some meaningful action steps you can undertake in 2021 to improve your culture and elevate performance.

10:00 am

What Should be Keeping you up at Night? Legal and Compliance Nightmares

Many employers are not even aware of legal pitfalls, compliance issues, regulations and potential fines. Our leading experts will share with you: rules, regulations, compliance and potential fines that you should be focusing on but are not even aware of.

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