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The Mental Health Squeeze: The COVID Crisis

The COVID-19 crisis has left people more stressed than ever. People are now faced with the stress and pressure of lockdowns, remote working, isolation, lack of socialization, schools closed, childcare and schooling at home, financial well-being, and the list goes on and on.  The toll on physical and mental health is unprecedented.  With lack of exercise, depression, and stress at all-time highs, what revolutionary solutions are employers and providers deploying to turn the tide and provide results and positive impacts that are measurable.  Learn how you should shift your perceptions and what you offer to and who you should be working with.  Learn different ways to approach different social classes, generations (age), race and what’s the most effective for the most vulnerable of your population.

Learn different ways to approach different social classes, generations (age), race and what’s the most effective for the most vulnerable of your population.


Oliver Harrison

Koa Health

Rachel Sapoznik

Founder & President
Sapoznik Insurance, A World Insurance Company

Isaac A. Cruz

National Wellness Consultant
Insurance Office of America
May 18, 2021
3:00 pm
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Creating a Comprehensive Well-Being Strategy for Your Organization

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[Workshop] Virtual Communication Mastery for Professionals

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Innovation in Second Opinions & Cancer Care

Learn how remote second opinions are reducing unnecessary medical procedures, providing alternative diagnosis and how a large portion for surgeries are unnecessary.

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Data Analytics and Transparency – The Future of Healthcare and Benefits

Learn how technology is transforming access, utilization, transparency, and costs.

Day 3
10:00 am

Innovation in Benefits, Culture and Wellbeing During a Pandemic

As organizations emerge from the crisis of 2020 and start focusing on new strategies, new benefits, learn how they are changing their approach for 2021 and 2022, what are the most meaningful healthcare and benefits they will offer and how will they reimagine the delivery of those benefits.

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