Christine Hale

VP Clinical Consulting

Lockton Dunning Benefits

Christine joined Lockton in 2017 as Vice President, Clinical Consulting. In this role, she serves as the medical director and lead strategist for the Clinical Consulting team. She is known as an innovator, collaborator, and change agent, and is particularly passionate about utilizing data and creative solutions to reduce waste improve cost-effectiveness in healthcare. Prior to Lockton she spent four years at Tenet Healthcare and nearly eight years as a provider consultant with McKinsey and Company. She completed her MD at Johns Hopkins University and her Pediatric Residency and MBA at Duke University. She currently serves as a Board Member for the Healthcare Alumni Advisory Board at Duke University's Fuqua School of Business.

Speaker Questionnaire
What is the biggest thing you learned in 2020?

What do you feel are the two most important benefits or areas that need to be a top priority in 2021?

Complex claims and pharmacy.

Can you share a story on an area of your healthcare program or employee benefits where you were able to create significant savings or stop costs from rising?

opportunity to move a patient's monthly specialty pharmacy infusions to the comfort and safety of her home, offering patients are usually very excited about. Instead, this patient stopped answering calls from her case manager when the option was mentioned. A review of some publicly available information on social media revealed the patient was a hoarder. Suddenly, the reluctance to allow someone into her homemade more sense. We worked with the employer's CFO to arrange for her to obtain her infusions (and a nice spa visit) at a local hotel once a month. Savings = $850,000 per year.

If you could automatically receive a 10-20% reduction in costs in three areas/programs, what would your dream list be?

Specialty pharmacy, cancer, and complex pediatrics.

What is the most innovative program you will focus on in 2021 and/or 2022?

Building out our referral partners. We started our first relationships with the Mayo Clinic over two years ago. We can expedite referrals of hand-selected complex cases for multispecialty evaluation, and the results have been astounding. Patients say we give them their life back. The right care translates into savings for plans. We are now pursuing similar relationships with select providers in the areas of cancer, neonatology, complex behavioral health, and more.

How are you re-imagining corporate culture & well-being?

The pandemic WFH mandate has caused us all to step back and rethink how we define corporate culture and well-being. Interactions have become more organic and fluid. We are focused more on getting the right result rather than the process of how we got there, understanding there may be more than one way from point A to point B.

What virtual care solutions did you roll out during the pandemic? How valuable were they and why?

We do not provide our virtual care solutions but were delighted to see restrictions lifted so we could get telehealth visits from world-renowned specialists to patients who desperately need them but can't or won't travel.

If you look at our 3 Moonshots - Costs, Culture, and Care; In one sentence, tell us what would be something positive for us to take from 2020 and bring into this new year?

The pandemic has forced us to rethink the possibilities of remote care. While it is certainly not a panacea, it will greatly improve our ability to service patients with customized, personalized, world-leading care, no matter where they reside.

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