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Embracing, Engaging and Leading the Evolution of Employee Health & Well-being

Approaches to employee health are changing as characteristics of what composes employee health are rapidly evolving. The employers who are leading this evolution are embracing employees as valuable assets to overall company success, and creating programs with a broad approach to all aspects of well-being. Today, innovative employer programs are incorporating the latest tools, technology, vision and strategy; with a laser focus on prevention, education and engagement. This session will bring together leaders who are part of creating the innovation in employee health and wellness. From technology that can evaluate an employee’s ability to safely perform their work to chronic condition management; from personalized digital genetic testing to customizing fitness and nutrition, this fireside chat will offer the attendees the opportunity to share in the experiences of the panel. These fireside chat participants are leaders in the field of work and health. The programs they represent are leading edge, visionary and successful approaches to creating the balance needed in driving and achieving business goals while building a workforce environment of productivity and health promotion.

This session will bring together leaders who are part of creating the innovation in employee health and wellness.


Shannon Arens

Wellbeing Consultant
Sequoia Consulting Group

Matthew Ponicall

Senior Vice President, Benefits Executive
Bank of America

Amanda Cohill

Wellness Coordinator
Montgomery County, MD

Daniel Freedman


Kelly Jenkins

Vice President of Operations
Global Healthcare Resources
May 19, 2021
11:00 am
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