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COVID Angst – Stress and Resilience

Our stress levels and resilience have never been tested more than during 2020 and 2021.  When employees are stressed out over long periods of time, productivity and engagement drops, which means corporate profits drop too. What are employers doing to fight stress and infuse their employees —the lifeblood of the company — with resilience.

Learn what employers are doing to fight stress and infuse their employees, the lifeblood of the company with resilience.


Robin Bouvier

Vice President

Rosa Novo

Administrative Benefits Director
Miami Dade County Public Schools

Karen van Caulil, Ph.D.

President and Chief Executive Officer
Florida Alliance for Healthcare Value

Melissa Frieswick

Chief Commercial Officer
Total Brain
May 17, 2021
3:00 pm
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Day 2
9:00 am

Introductory Opening Remarks

Introductory and opening remarks from Jonathan Edelheit, JD, Chairman & Co-Founder, Global Healthcare Resources, HEALTHCARE ЯEVOLUTION®

Day 3
8:00 am

[Workshop] Batman and Robin: Employer & Consultation Collaboration an Unstoppable Duo

Now, more than ever Employer’s need to partner and dive in from the deep end with their collaboration with consultants to build a better, stronger and more competitive benefits. Better communication needs to happen and both parties need to really listen to the others advice, challenges and solutions. This session will explore the reasons and value to build a strong and competitive benefits package, the Benefits Specialist and Consultant roles, and the value in the collaboration. We will also review specific aspects of the bid plan document and bid process. This is a Win-Win for Benefit Specialist and Consultant’s to collaborate and work together, resulting in a better benefits package for employees.

Day 2
10:30 am

The Ultimate Engagement Tool

Such a tool exists. And that's what this session is all about. Bring your toughest questions because this tool is so elegant that it will only take about 15 minutes for you to totally understand it and even download it yourself right on the spot.

Day 1
2:00 pm

Centers of Excellence | Cutting Costs and Unnecessary Procedures: Gaining Amazing Results and Outcomes - A Global Healthcare Accreditation Summit

Learn how leading organizations and healthcare providers are breaking down state and country borders, and disrupting the traditional surgical delivery model.

Day 3
9:10 am

[KEYNOTE] COVID and Beyond: Why Diagnostics are Critical to a Healthier Workplace

For more than three decades, Ron Zwanziger has been driven to revolutionize health care and move major health diagnostics and monitoring from clinical labs to the point of need – meeting patients where they are. While the benefits of rapid testing with accurate results is clear, the pandemic exposed an existing gap and the critical need to combine testing sensitivity with speed to stop the spread of the COVID-19 virus. As the country and economy reopens, it becomes important for workplaces to provide testing to employees to safely re-enter the workplace.

Day 2
3:00 pm

Data Analytics and Transparency – The Future of Healthcare and Benefits

Learn how technology is transforming access, utilization, transparency, and costs.

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