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Diversity and Inclusion – Rebooting your Culture

The pandemic has disrupted your culture.  You now are stepping with an empty slate.   Learn how you can reboot and re-imagine your culture with a focus on diversity and inclusion. Learn how the most cutting-edge companies are shaking things up and re-imagining how they approach diversity and inclusion.

Learn how the most cutting-edge companies are shaking things up and reimagining how they approach diversity and inclusion.

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Shane Green

President & Founder

Aaysha Noor

Head of Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
The GIANT Company

Terri Lewis

Chief Human Resources Officer
One Call

Michelle DiTondo

Principal Consultant
Avion Consulting
May 17, 2021
3:00 pm
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Day 2
4:00 pm

Reimagining Costs, Culture, and Care – An Employer’s 2021 Vision

Learn how employers are adjusting in 2021 and addressing lowering healthcare costs, finding better ways to deliver care and rebuilding their corporate culture as well as how they approach employee well-being.

Day 2
2:00 pm

The Future of Behavioral Health – Creating a Better Eco-system that Provides Quicker and Better Access to Care

Learn how employers, brokers, consultants and innovative providers are creating more resilient employees by creating a new and improved model and improving health, productivity and business values.

Day 1
4:00 pm

Key Strategies to Implement for Long-Term Viability of Your Medical Plan

Find out how a self-funded group of 26 private Florida education employers uses key strategies to provide long-term, high quality, cost-effective healthcare benefits to their employees.

Day 3
10:00 am

Employer Playbook for Virtual Healthcare and Benefits

Learn from leading employers where it makes sense to make a virtual move and where it doesn’t.

10:00 am

What Should be Keeping you up at Night? Legal and Compliance Nightmares

Many employers are not even aware of legal pitfalls, compliance issues, regulations and potential fines. Our leading experts will share with you: rules, regulations, compliance and potential fines that you should be focusing on but are not even aware of.

Day 1
1:00 pm

[KEYNOTE] Return to Work like United and Delta Opened the Skies

Get insight into what the rest of the year and 2022 will actually look like and what will be required of employers and let our experts provide you with the turnkey strategies that will save you months of stress and anxiety!

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