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Centers of Excellence | Cutting Costs and Unnecessary Procedures: Gaining Amazing Results and Outcomes - A Global Healthcare Accreditation Summit

So many names… Centers of Excellence (COE’s) , Domestic Medical Tourism, Direct Contracting, Narrow Network, Steerage. Call it whatever you want, as at the end of the day creating big savings, big impact and big waves for employers and healthcare providers. COE’s should be something every employer has and every employer fights to implement.  Left on their own employees and family members don’t know where to turn when a medical crisis hits their families, and many make poor decisions in receiving care locally. Learn how leading organizations and healthcare providers are breaking down state and country borders, and disrupting the traditional surgical delivery model.  

  • Learn how employers are saving big, incentivizing employees to travel for care, but also learn the heartfelt and huge human impact COE’s have on employees and family members.  
  • Learn how it is saving their lives, significantly reducing them from being cut open for unnecessary medical procedures and how the employee incentives have even more meaning during the pandemic than ever before.  Learn how you can leverage second opinions in a game changing way.
  • Learn how you could spend twice as much letting employees and plan members receive surgical and medical care locally, while at the same time achieving bad results and bad medical outcomes.
  • Learn how easy it is to implement a COE, but more importantly how to do it the right way.

Learn how leading organizations and healthcare providers are breaking down state and country borders, and disrupting the traditional surgical delivery model.


Karen Timmons

Chief Executive Officer
Global Healthcare Accreditation

Tom Vertich

Director, Total Rewards
Team Car Care

Christine Hale

VP Clinical Consulting
Lockton Dunning Benefits

Elizabeth Rice

Administrator, Mayo Clinic Complex Care Program
Mayo Clinic

Heitham Hassoun

Vice President & Medical Director
Cedars-Sinai International
May 17, 2021
2:00 pm
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