Innovation in Second Opinions & Cancer Care

This session brings together two disruptive solutions that are saving lives, creating big savings and big results.  Most importantly these benefits are providing some of the most important benefits an employer can offer. Learn how remote second opinions are reducing unnecessary medical procedures, providing alternative diagnosis and how a large portion for surgeries are unnecessary. Learn how during the pandemic employers have rolled our second opinions as a gamer changer and the solution is not temporary but permanent.

This session will also examine the brewing crisis of undiagnosed cancer to the disruptions and delays to existing cancer treatments that will costs billions and have a huge impact across employee populations.  What are the most innovative models employers should be implementing to solve the cancer crisis.

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Learn how remote second opinions are reducing unnecessary medical procedures, providing alternative diagnosis and how a large portion for surgeries are unnecessary.


Ian Russinoff, MD

Medical Director
Generali Global Assistance

Florence Jean

Head of the Global Health Business Line
Europ Assistance

Kelly Jenkins

Vice President of Operations
Global Healthcare Resources

Christine Hale

VP Clinical Consulting
Lockton Dunning Benefits
May 19, 2021
3:00 pm

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