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Reimagining the Benefits Practice

Insurance agents, brokers and consultants have faced many challenges over the years, and now the pandemic has created another crisis for their clients.  What are the hard lessons they have learned this year, and how will they need to transform and change their perspectives, strategies and advice in a new world?  What areas of healthcare, well-being, and benefits should they focus on implementing, which should they scale back and how do they show their clients they are transforming and providing the ROI that employers desperately need?

Learn what areas of healthcare, well-being, and benefits should companies focus on implementing.

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Robert Kelley

HR Benefit Consultant
NC Office of State Human Resources

Christopher Yarn

Walk On Clinic

Jason Tomlinson

V. P. Operations
My Health Onsite
May 19, 2021
2:00 pm
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Might Be Interesting

Day 3
8:00 am

[Workshop] Batman and Robin: Employer & Consultation Collaboration an Unstoppable Duo

Now, more than ever Employer’s need to partner and dive in from the deep end with their collaboration with consultants to build a better, stronger and more competitive benefits. Better communication needs to happen and both parties need to really listen to the others advice, challenges and solutions. This session will explore the reasons and value to build a strong and competitive benefits package, the Benefits Specialist and Consultant roles, and the value in the collaboration. We will also review specific aspects of the bid plan document and bid process. This is a Win-Win for Benefit Specialist and Consultant’s to collaborate and work together, resulting in a better benefits package for employees.

Day 3
11:00 am

Embracing, Engaging and Leading the Evolution of Employee Health & Well-being

This session will bring together leaders who are part of creating the innovation in employee health and wellness.

Day 2
4:00 pm

Reimagining Costs, Culture, and Care – An Employer’s 2021 Vision

Learn how employers are adjusting in 2021 and addressing lowering healthcare costs, finding better ways to deliver care and rebuilding their corporate culture as well as how they approach employee well-being.

Day 2
10:00 am

[Q&A] An Interview with Peter Hames, Co-founder & CEO of Big Health

Tune in and hear how Big Health has helped many employers such as Amerigas, Hartford, Boston Medical Center, and others to create happier, more engaged, and productive employees through helping them sleep better and addressing mental health.

Day 1
1:00 pm

[KEYNOTE] Return to Work like United and Delta Opened the Skies

Get insight into what the rest of the year and 2022 will actually look like and what will be required of employers and let our experts provide you with the turnkey strategies that will save you months of stress and anxiety!

11:00 am

Employer-Driven Models in Pharmacy Benefits & Specialty Drugs

Hear from leading employers that have taken bold steps to disrupt the current business models.

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