BurnAlong Partners with the National Register of Health Service Psychologists to Drive Global Access to Mental Health Resources

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  • More than 1 billion people in the world suffer from some form of mental health illness, constituting one of the leading causes of disability worldwide. In the U.S., an estimated 26 percent of adults suffer from a diagnosable mental disorder—particularly anxiety and depression. This disease burden is further complicated by the poor access to mental healthcare services across the world. According to the National Institutes of Mental Health (NIMH), only 45 percent of the 51.5 million adults who experience mental health illnesses have access to treatment. In the last one year and a half, these dire statistics have been further aggravated by the coronavirus pandemic as the health crisis led to a wave of financial, economic, and mental distress across the world.
  • Now, teaming up with BurnAlong, the world's leading health, wellness, and social motivation platform, the National Register of Health Service Psychologists is promoting and extending access to mental health resources by a global audience. This newly formed partnership will offer mental health classes including "Mood and Mental Health," "Self-care." and "PTSD in Police Officers" on a digital platform. The partnership leverages the National Register's large network of licensed mental health professionals to provide top-quality live and on-demand mental health classes and resources to an expanded audience on BurnAlong's platform.
  • This first-of-its-kind initiative will no doubt close the gap in access to mental healthcare and provide this teeming audience with practical tools and holistic resources to deal with mental health problems. Enthusiastic about the collaboration, Daniel Freedman, co-CEO of BurnAlong, said he looks forward to expanding and improving these resources to increase access to quality mental healthcare services
  • You can learn more about BurnAlong's mental health classes and many other diverse categories in the platform by visiting http://www.burnalong.com


BurnAlong (http://www.BurnAlong.com) is an online health, wellness, and fitness platform that works with leading employers, insurers, municipalities, non-profits, and health systems who provide BurnAlong for their employees, members, and patients. BurnAlong helps people achieve their health and wellness goals by giving them unparalleled access to more than 1,200+ instructors, teaching live and on-demand wellness classes across more than 45 categories - from traditional fitness to nutrition, financial wellness, adaptive workouts, chronic conditions, and more - for the entire family. People can take classes alone or live with others where they can see and hear each other for added social motivation.


The National Register of Health Service Psychologists is the oldest and largest credentialing organization for psychologists. Established in 1974, the organization represents the interests of doctoral level health service psychologists by providing primary source verification of education, training, and licensure. Headquartered in Washington, DC, the National Register is the professional home for the health service psychologist, offering cutting edge training and advocacy to the profession.