Singapore's Affinidi Partners with TrustAssure, Commons Project on COVID-19 Digital Passport

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  • Travel has been complicated by the pandemic and as the pandemic eases, countries are placing COVID-19 requirements on travelers depending on their countries of departure; airlines and border officials have to verify the health status of thousands of travelers by reviewing health data from different sources every day, and that could be very exhausting. Affinidi is teaming up with the Commons Project Foundation and TrustAssure to implement a universal health certificate that is interoperable across several digital technologies used around the world. The pass consolidates, verifies, and stores all required patient health data in one platform, driving seamless travel. As a result, airlines and border control offices can access and scan a traveler's health information in one tool within seconds
  • Under the new partnership, travelers will be able to use TrustAssure to schedule and book a COVID-19 test as per requirements of their destination. Users can then upload their results and convert them into a globaly recognized format