Delta and Virgin Atlantic Debut Tech-Driven Tool for Seamless Post-COVID-19 Travel, Launch Digital Health Passport

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  • As air travel gradually returns from its more than one-year hiatus, two airlines are leveraging technology to drive a seamless travel experience for passengers post-COVID-19. Delta Air Lines and Virgin Atlantic have both launched a digital health tool, branded "FlyReady," to help passengers easily navigate COVID-19 travel requirements of their planned destinations. Now, passengers, flight operators, and health officials can share and access travelers' flight data in an easy-to-use, coordinated digital platform
  • The digital health passport will integrate passengers' COVID-19 test results, vaccination credentials, and other required health information to enable swift and efficient travel coordination. The tool assists customers to schedule a COVID-19 test, with details of verified COVID-19 testing locations. Upon entry of these data, the tool notifies passengers of their eligibility to travel to that destination. FAST AND EASY!
  • Allison Ausband, EVP and Chief Customer Experience Officer said on the launch of the tool: “Early in the pandemic, we realized that our customers would need a way to navigate the complex requirements of post-COVID international travel, so we began working with our partners at Virgin Atlantic to develop this solution. We are committed to making travel an enjoyable experience that we all cherish, and Delta FlyReady is an easy-to-use, reliable and effective capability that removes the guesswork for customers and our employees”
  • The Delta FlyReady system operates with TrustAssure to drive seamless user experience. After booking a flight, you will receive an email notification on how to access the FlyReady system, then you will be directed to schedule a pre-travel COVID-19 test up to three days before departure. Once the test is taken, TrustAssure will notify you via email of your Delta FlyReady status and further steps to take. You could choose to get tested on your own, simply upload your result and your FlyReady digital health credential will be automatically linked to your itinerary. Once the tool confirms your eligibility, you're good to go!
  • This move comes as both airlines push for a digital blueprint to reopen travel between the U.S. and the UK, one of the most important and busiest travel corridors in the world. Delta Airlines says the digital tool will eliminate guesswork for international travel and would give passengers clarity on global travel requirements