Why Employers Should Prioritize Employee Wellness in 2021

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  • It is no longer business as usual for the workplace since the coronavirus pandemic ravaged the world and plunged it into the dark. Employees and business owners have all agreed that 2020 was the most stressful time in their careers. With the global financial implications of the pandemic and the anxiety and depression that comes with loss of lives to the pandemic, many employees have redefined what matters most to them, and employers have to do so too.
  • “The pandemic has taken its toll on employees especially in the areas of emotional and social wellbeing. In fact, the impact is so great that many employers expect these effects will continue in a post-vaccine environment,” said Regina Ihrke, Wellbeing leader, North America, Willis Towers Watson
  • Employers need to remodel their wellness benefits to address their employees' most important concerns. Wellness offerings now need to leverage technology to reach the large population of workers working remotely. HR leaders also need to reshape these benefits to meet the unique needs of their company's demographics. For instance, some employees may need mental health support more while others may feel a deeper need for work hour flexibility or financial assistance. HR leaders need to do a preliminary assessement to determine the unique needs of their workforce and determine the best approaches to meeting them